What to Do if Your Medicaid Application is Denied

When Your Medicaid Application is Denied, get Help From an Elder Law Attorney

Medicaid enables eligible seniors, low-income and disabled people to get the care they need without ruining their families’ financial stability. So, getting a notice that your Medicaid application was denied can have devastating consequences. Some examples of reasons you may be denied Medicaid include incarceration, not meeting residency requirements or too much income/assets.

There are specific time limits for Medicaid appeals. In New York, you must file an appeal within 60 days of receiving a denial notice. If your Medicaid application was denied, you should immediately contact a law firm that specializes in estate and elder law to help you appeal the decision. An experienced elder law attorney in New York can help and advise you how to fast track your appeal (if medically necessary), avoid delays, and avoid additional appeals and denials.

An Attorney can Help You Successfully Appeal a New York State Medicaid Denial

In New York, the Medicaid appeals process is handled by the NY State of Health. It takes about 90 days to have your appeal considered and conduct a hearing. You can also have someone in your family, a friend or lawyer represent you or be witnesses for you on the Fair Hearing phone call. If you have a representative or witness, you need to register them before the hearing date.

Following are the steps in the appeal process:

  • You send in an appeal request, which is actually a request for a Fair Hearing
  • NY State of Health (or another local agency) sends you a notice that they received the request.
  • NY State of Health sets the date for the Fair Hearing.
  • You gather and send in additional information that will mitigate the problem.
  • NY State of Health accepts the information and sets a time for the Fair Hearing phone call
  • A hearing officer calls you and others taking part in the hearing.
  • The hearing officer will record the hearing and usually makes a decision within two to three weeks after the Fair Hearing.
  • If you want to appeal the decision of the Fair Hearing, you can appeal to federal agency here.

An attorney experienced in Medicaid appeals can help you obtain the appropriate documents, forms, representation and witnesses prior to the Fair Hearing phone call.

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