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Our Areas of Practice

Restitution/Pension/Property Claims for Victims of Nazi Persecution & Their Heirs

Survivors and their families are, all too often, not aware that they may be eligible for widow’s/widower’s pensions, increase to their restitution pensions, or other currently available compensation payments. For more than 50 years, our firm has assisted Survivors of the Holocaust in filing applications for different kinds of restitution payments. 

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Estate & Medicaid Planning for Victims of Nazi Persecution & Their Heirs

We developed a unique asset protection plan called the Victim of Nazi Persecution Restitution Trusts® by which eligible persons are able to preserve a significant portion of their assets in the event that they require long-term health care. Reparation payments received as a result of Nazi persecution are exempt from attachment by Medicaid, and there is no better way of protecting these assets from the cost of long-term care than the creation and funding of Victims of Nazi Persecution Restitution Trusts®. 

Elder Law

We provide advice and assistance to our clients who, together with their families, are faced with difficult issues surrounding aging and prolonged illness to enable them to live with dignity in the twilight of their lives. Our services include, but are not limited to, estate planning, asset protection, Medicaid planning, and guardianship proceedings. 

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Estate Administration

We provide assistance with respect to trust and estate administration, probate, collection and distribution of assets, judicial and informal accountings, will contests, and estate tax returns. Our trust and estate administrators address the needs of surviving family members, executors, and trustees to obtain optimal results in the management and disposition of trust and estate assets. 

Estate Planning

No one should leave their long-term financial planning to chance. Without an estate plan in place, your assets could be at risk. We have worked for decades to help our clients prepare estate and trust plans by providing custom solutions that reduce the time and cost of estate administration. 

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Medicaid Planning

The most common misconception about Medicaid is that it is solely a program for the poor. While Medicaid is designed to provide services to those who are “technically” impoverished, it also serves to prevent families from becoming impoverished by the costs of long-term health care. We assist our clients in Medicaid planning and navigate them through the complexities of the Medicaid application process. 

Real Estate

We represent our clients with respect to selling and purchasing residential properties, including single-family homes, condominiums, and cooperative apartments, and transferring the same to comport with elder and estate plans. 

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Our Firm

The law firm of L&LLP, located in midtown Manhattan, consisting of attorneys licensed to practice law in New York, and New Jersey, has represented its clients and their families for over 72 years. We are available for meetings in all of the states in which we are licensed, either at our office or, if need be, house calls are available.

L&LLP offers a wide range of legal services for appropriate legal fees in such areas as trusts, estate planning and administration, elder law/Medicaid planning, real estate, litigation, and restitution law. We also offer financial management services at similarly appropriate fees either directly to the client or in combination with the client’s family, managers, lawyers, accountants, brokers, and/or other representatives.