Significant Increases in Income and Asset Limits for Medicaid Applicants

NYS Department of Health has increased income and resource limits for Medicaid applicants who are over 65, blind & disabled based on the 2023 Federal Poverty Levels and further adjusted them on 2/14/23. These new limits apply to all new and pending applications and for any Medicaid renewals taking place on or after January 1, 2023. Individuals applying for Medicaid home care services are now allowed to keep a monthly income of up to $1,677 ($2,268 for a couple) and have assets in their name of up to $30,182 ($40,821).

Individuals who already receive Medicaid services with excess income may also take advantage of the increase in income limit an keep more of their income than in previous years. Medicaid recipients with excess income can request to have their income reviewed under these new Medicaid rules before their next Medicaid renewal is due.

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