Supporting Our Clients During COVID-19

At Lissner and Lissner, we want to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 while providing our clients with support during this difficult time. We are equipped to provide legal services in the following ways.

Remote Notarization

Last month, Gov. Cuomo issued an executive order allowing the use of audio-visual technology in place of physical appearance for certain notarizations.

The order states:

      • The interaction must be direct, not via pre-recorded videos.
      • The person seeking notarization must present valid identification unless personally known to the Notary.
      • The individual requiring notarization must prove that he/she is physically in New York at the time of signing.
      • On the date of signature, the person seeking notarization must electronically transmit a copy of the signed document to the Notary.
      • The Notary must re-notarize the original signed document within 30 days.

This order will allow for the remote notarization of common estate planning and administration documents.

In-Person Services

For clients without access to a computer, we can accommodate in-person meetings.

At Lissner and Lissner, several of our staff are making house calls to those in need and they are taking care to use Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) including masks and gloves, if necessary, while maintaining social distancing.

Using iPads and other technology, your legal documents can be prepared, notarized and secured at your home or residence.

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At Lissner & Lissner LLP, we applaud Gov. Cuomo’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and allow New Yorkers to maintain some semblance of normalcy during these trying times.

If you have questions about how remote notarization affects your business or personal transactions, the skilled legal team at Lissner & Lissner LLP can help. These are challenging times, and New Yorkers are in the thick of it. But throughout history, New Yorkers have proven our ability to adapt to the toughest of circumstances, and this crisis is no exception.

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